The Latest News

2019.10.29 - Since moving to a new server and getting things started again, I need to get the files online. Until this is done, downloads will be broken.
2012.01.07 - Fixed ftp links, pertaining to the correct domain.
2009.05.04 - ZappNews and Zapplinerz both have updated documentation pertaining to the current test releases... Check 'em out now!
2008.11.01 - Download the latest ZappNewz documentation here! Test the current alpha version at Mental Meltdown! BBS.
2008.10.30 - New version of ZappLinerz (v2.0rc4) released! Click downloads/current on the top menu! New news/announcement/bulletin door in the works. ZappLinerz 2.0 Final will be released within the week -- stay tuned!


What we have...


We have software that, for the most part, is DOS-Based and/or BBS-Based. Oh yea, did I happen to mention it's free?



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Please direct any and all questions to the info booth. Click INFO on the menu above.


Free Stuff?

Yes... Free software that's also free of adware and spyware. We at ZappWare hate crap like that.


I Still Don't Get It!

Well, if you've read the two previous points, you're a lost cause. Well, that is unless you're looking for support. Chances are, you got here via Mental Meltdown BBS. Please go there for support/comments/requests/etc.


the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange